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Help:remove owner permissions in Published space in workflow

Question asked by vista on Nov 11, 2009
I am using Alfresco Explorer 3.2r and have a permission issue in simple workflow.

There are 3 spaces called "Drafts", "Appending Approvals" and "Published" in "Notice" space, which is in "Company Home" space.
There are 2 users in Notice space, Ram(Approver) and Jack(Engineer).

Below is the simple workflow.
Drafts —(Submit for Approval)–>Appending Approvals–(Approved)–>Published.

The "Drafts" space is for Jack(engineer) to add content, and then Jack(engineer) can choose action "Submit for Approval", then the content moves to Appending Approvals space.

After that, Ram(Approver) will choose action "Approved", then the document moves to Published space.

Drafts and Appending Approvals spaces are visible only to the team members like Ram and Jack, however Published space which stores releashed documents is visible to all company users.

The problem is, as Jack is the owner(creator) of the document, he has full permissions on the document, so he can update or delete the released document in Published document.

My question is, how can I prevent Jack(engineer) updating or deleting the released document in Published space only.

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