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Override constraints of bpm model

Question asked by sversh71 on Nov 11, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2009 by jayjayecl

We have out of the box model "bpm:businessprocessmodel" and some constraints inside it.

        <constraint name="bpm:allowedStatus" type="LIST">
            <parameter name="allowedValues">
                <!–  TODO: Determine if status values can be mapped to human-readable strings –>
                    <value>Not Yet Started</value>
                    <value>In Progress</value>
                    <value>On Hold</value>
I'm working on solution for non english speaking users, so does anybody know how to override this constraint with localized values?
I know that it isn't possible to localize constraints with .properties file. So I need at least rewrite built-in values with my own.
Any ideas?