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Alfresco and EMC Centera

Question asked by xoselois on Nov 11, 2009

This mornign I was in a short meeting here, in Seville (Spain), where some people of EMC talks about the new integration between Alfresco and EMC Centera. This people told us that now is possible to use both systems working together because Alfresco implements the Centera API.

I was looking some information about that question and I did not find any result (not in Alfresco's forums nor Google search) . Anybody has read anything about this new integration? If yes, could you, please, add the link where to find more information.

I am very interested because in my project need to store several millions of contents in an archive (we do not need to send an inmediatly response to user when it looks for a content because there is another Alfresco with on-line information).

Many thanks in advance.