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Pass a file for download from Share dashlet

Question asked by zladuric on Mar 12, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2010 by zladuric
I am trying to make a new share dashlet and I'm kind of stuck here.
What I have is a php script (not within alfresco) on the local server generating a txt or html file. The script is only accessible through localhost.
Now, I have the dashlet with two buttons: html and txt. What I want those buttons to do is:
1. to call this php script and fetch the appropriate file and
2. have that file offered as a new window (for html) or download (for txt).

Can you guys give me some pointers? The dashlets are ready and the php thing is ready - I am just kind of stuck with how to actually do a call.
I can do sometihng javascriptish onClick, but this would call the php from the client (and php is localhost-restricted).
I could also try something like call a share/proxy/alfresco/somewebscript, but this would add more complexity to the situation. In that case I'd have to make the "somewebscript" fetch the localhost php script output, pass it through back to /share and then to client, right?

Can you guys give me few hints/pointers?

Thanks a lot in advance!