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Doubts about enabling CIFS in Alfresco 4

Question asked by imdea on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on May 20, 2012 by s56wbv

I'm having a problem with Alfresco 4 Community version. In my job, everybody switched to windows 7 some months ago and they use alfresco through the webdav, but the alfresco's webdav doesn't work quite well for some reason, so I'm evaluating in letting them another way so they can access their files in alfresco without too much trouble.

Basically, the way they work is they open the repository (via a mapped drive in windows7 using webdav) and then they begin to operate on folders (create,move,rename,delete) and files inside them. For instance, they open a folder called "foo" and inside it there is a word document called bar.docx they do double clic on it, edit it and after a while they save and close it.

As Webdav is giving too much problems for them, I would want to know what do you suggest me, if they could use another thing like CIFS maybe?

My doubt with CIFS is that our Alfresco server is not in our local LAN, but in another network segment so as far as I remember when you are in this type of environment you need to setup a WINS server besides the Samba server (my alfresco is running in a Debian Linux box). Do I have to do this?

And another question, do I have to setup a Samba server in order to put Alfresco CIFS to work?  :?:

thanks in advance.