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Need help eliminating superfluous 'Task Done' task

Question asked by devodl on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by craig.michael.nelson
Given a simple Activiti workflow (e.g. Review-Approve) once the workflow has completed (i.e. been Approved or Rejected) I expect the workflow to end and any Listeners I defined for the "end" event to complete. Unfortunately this does not occur until the initiator of the workflow performs the mysterious "Task Done" task which I did not define in my workflow, is not required and adds no value. Many of our workflows are initiated automatically and the Initiators do not want to acknowledge each and every completed workflow "Task Done".

Help! How do I eliminate/skip/avoid the Task Done task?

Where is the Task Done task defined? It seems like it is independent of the BPM engine (jBPM or Activiti) and part of the Alfresco workflow framework that calls the actual workflow engine.

This old posting: does not provide sufficient information for implementation and I suspect it refers to jBPM and not Activiti.

The solution to eliminate Task Done eludes me and any help would be greatly appreciated.