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Finance planning

Question asked by hudbrog on Mar 16, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2010 by david_labbe
Hello everybody, I'm absolutely new to alfresco, actively reading all info I can find.
Currently, I'm trying to figure out how can I use smthing like alfresco+liferay to get rid of our corporate sharepoint. One of the most important things I can't figure out how to do yet is financial planning.
Basically, what we have now is:
1) user can create an entity "payment request", which includes info like sum, due date, partner, currency, and has a scan of invoice attached to it
2) user can create an entity "budget request", which is a payment request without scan of invoice attached
3) budget request can be converted to payment request by attaching an invoice
4) user can check a list of his requested payments and status of each (i.e. paid, approved, cancelled)
5) each request has a simple workflow of approvement
6) after request is approved, it's put into a table we call "payments plan", which contains all requests which are due to be paid on planned period
7) backoffice specialist changes status of requests manually

I want to do something like that using alfresco.
I'm thinking that payment request can be just an invoice with additional metadata and a workflow. But how should I handle "budget requests"? And how to create a simple "table" form of requests for backoffice managers, how to create "payments plan" automatically?
I would appreciate any suggestions on what to read =)