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External user invited to a specific site can access all

Question asked by conrad on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by davidcognite

We have just finished configuing external email to be able to request a user to join a site.

I received the invitation to my test email account, I've followed the link to accept the invitation. This test account user has never logged into Alfresco before and an account does not exist for the external email address being used.

From test account dashboard however I can select 'sites', 'search for a site' and then click on search without entering any parameters into the search box and I can see all sites except those that are marked 'private'. I can join any site even though I am an external user with an email address that is not part of the domain and I can view content in sites that I have not been invited to.

My understanding from the Alfresco video's was that the external user should only be able to see and join sites they have been explicitly invited to.

The security settings are the default out of the box settings for Alfresco. Is there something I have missed in setting up the application that I neede to change to limit the access an external user has to viewing and joining sites?