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tinyMCE style not matching site style

Question asked by chrisokelly on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2012 by chrisokelly
Hi Alfresco'ers (Sharers? Explorers?),
We have recently set up Alfresco 4.0.b Community in an Ubuntu/Postgres/Tomcat environment. I have also implemented a custom theme based off the red fmeTheme here After some initial problems (the fmeTheme seems to be missing alot of the yui classes so alot of prompts/buttons were without formatting. Kept the fme build environment and overwrote the source files with the Yellow Theme files distributed with alfresco, started again from there) we appear to be fairly set from a styling perspective, with the exception of the tinyMCE editor.
TinyMCE seems to have it's own set of styles defined in the header of it's iframe, which are unaffected by my overrides in presentation.css or yui/assets/skin.css. The result is that the font, font-size, color and behavior of tags such as li or td appear one way in the editor but totally different once published. While this is fine from my perspective (I will specify any formatting that I need and it carries through without a hitch), from a user perspective once we go live it will need to be fixed (it kind of kills the defining idea of a WYSIWYG editor). Is there any way for me to have the editor import the presentation.css stylesheet?