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Alfresco Cloud is not Alfresco

Question asked by flefoll on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by rdanner
Alfresco Cloud is only in Beta, my comments are therefore conditionals,
but I believe Alfresco company knows the weakness of their own product,
The pointed limitations are unfortunately based on a real knowledge of their own product…

1) Alfresco Cloud is not alfresco, it's "Share only".
Do not expect putting some custom webscript, some scripted action or some custom RSS template…

2) Going a little bit further than simple flat document management ?
Not at all, replication, WCM/Web Quick start or media/social export are not available…

3) Google Doc integration ?
I said no…

4) Records management ?
If they decides to put it available, it's well hidden until now…

No, you will not use Alfresco Cloud to feed or to be feed by anything else…

6) Share Surf extension into your own tenancy (sorry, “network” in Alfresco Cloud naming) ?
No, be happy with default client's interface, do not extend or override anything…

I wasn't expecting unrealistic possibilities, like deploying your own custom transformer,
or having the possibility to use my local Share webapp (which should have been possible with an other design, and would have been much more interesting !).
And I really understand why they done these limitations.

Nevertheless, to me, it's exactly as officially claiming their real product is definitively not adapted in its rich features to massive deployment.
No ?