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Best way to create / integrate a webapp?

Question asked by plautzer on Mar 18, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2010 by plautzer

I started using alfresco mainly for managing my documents and I would to like to extent it with some applications. I found some posts and tutorials but couldn’t get a satifiying answer to following 2 issues. So I hope u can help me out there.

1. Webform
I want to create a webapp where uses provide data thru a web form on a regular basis. The app should meet following requirements:
- page should be access only by users who have permission 
- users have only access to data of their user groups
- user can view and manipulate their data (simple CRUD)
- users will get an automatic reminder (workflow task) if they haven’t provided their data by a defined deadline
- admin can manually download all the data into an excel sheet (The sheet should be automatically stored to folder in alfresco)

I would like to use the user /group management of alfresco to control the access to the application and workflow system for escalation.

What would be the best/ easiest way to implement it. Ive done most of my work with PHP and only very little with Java.

2. Overview of document
Is there a way to print a meta data of documents (of a specific site). The data should be creator, folder, time created and so on.

Thx for any help in advance..,