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Corrupted Documents with Share Interface

Question asked by rantux on Mar 18, 2010

I'm French and for this reason please excuse me in advance for my approximative english.

We have a problem with some documents, by the share interface we download documents in .doc and we can't reads them with Word, it's say : document corrupted.
With the /Alfresco interface no problems…

We are in pre production, only a few document are in the storage…only few (4) person access to the alfresco and we have 500 error and the application act like we are 2500 with very slow page update.

By the way some times we have too some problems with the preview fonction, is for information only because i would like to fix a prob at once :) but maybe is usefull to know this for my diag :)

The server is :
VM ESXi 4 32Bit Environnement with high on RAM and CPU parameter
3Gb of RAM / 20Gb for the OS and 80Gb for the Alfresco Repertory
Windows 2003 Entreprise SP2 with the latest updates
Alfresco 3.2r2 Official Package.

For logs :
If you can't help me with this one, tell me what you want i debug, where i change the parameters and i post it
Google is my friend for a lot of things but not for Alfresco Project and i don't want to do some thing wrong

Any idea are welcome
Thanks in advance