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Content browsing without additional authentication

Question asked by kevinstewart on Mar 19, 2010
I have an Alfresco content management portlet in a Liferay portal all with other application portlets.  One of the applications (JSP) needs to be able to reference a user selected file in the content repository.  We had envisioned the basic browse popup window, or at least browse page.  My first thought was to use the JCR interface to build a browse GUI.  The problem is that to use is I need a Session which means I need to authenticate.  I want to use the user's session so that they only see items in the browse that they are supposed to.  They are currently logged into Alfresco in one portlet.  Is there a way to set the session for that portlet into the JCR application?  Alternately, we are using CAS as our authenticator so is there a way to get the Session from the CAS login?  Or am I just going in the wrong direction all together I need to use something better to make the browse GUI??  Thanks for any advice.

Kevin L. Stewart
Sr. Software Lead
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