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Alfresco 3.2 Community Clustering Issues

Question asked by hailpam on Mar 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2010 by hailpam
Hi all,

I'm trying to deploy in a production environment the Alfresco Cluster Configuration.

My ideas is the following:
    1. the use of two CentOs linux servers, named A and B;
    2. the use of NFS export to share SAN storage mount point (no replicated content store);
    3. the use of MySql Cluster;
    4. the use of a sticky load balancer in front of the two servers A and B;
in ordert to deploy an High Availability solution.

The problems encountered are those more common! Particularly, after the setting of
    *. ehcache-custom.xml simple renaming the .sample file (no changes were made);
    *. to set the index tracker to sleep 2 seconds after every polling for lucene index refresh;
    *. properties concerning the log of index tracker and ehcache;
I can see the heathbeats of ehcache and the PUT and REMOVE messages that server A and B exchange one with another (respectively, and according to the operations maked), but, and this is the strange thing, I don't see the logging messages concerning the scheduled Job of index tracker.

This last thing gives me to think! In fact, when I make the tests in order to understand if the cluster is correctly set, the only one test that I'm not able to overcome is just that concerning the lucene search: when I insert a file on server A, after that this operation succeed, I can see on B the same file, ok that's fine! Also, when I modify the attributes of file inserted on A, directly on A, after that this last operation suceed, I can see the modified fields on server B, and also this is fine! During the operations, on the log screen I can see the ehcache messages exchanged between the two servers.

The problems occurs when I try to do a lucene search on server B of the file that first I've created on server A. The search returns with 0 results, also after many hours from the operation of creation. Another strange thing that I can observe is the following: when I try to modify the attributes of the created file on server A from server B, I obtain a very long suspension of service of the logged session (web-browser is in 'waiting for' state… ), a so long suspension that I must abort the session, or with logout or with web-browser tab closure.

Can anyone help me to resolve this problem? I'm fighting with this problem from some days, and I'm tired of sever restarts every time I modify a simple parameter to try one alternative configuration in the set of the indefinite combinations of possibile configurations! 

If it needed I can post the configuration files ( and ehcache-custom.xml)…

Thanks in advance. Best Regards,

- Paolo