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parallizing rules execution

Question asked by thk on Mar 22, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2010 by thk
I have an automatic ftp upload into alfresco. All arriving ftp-files should be sorted into subfolders according to defined rules.
Problem: if I run the ftp upload without activated rules the performance for the ftp-transfer is not good but satisfying. If I however active the rules the transfer is very slow and the executing process (that starts the ftp-transfer) has to wait long until the process can continue.

How can I get a better performance.
Just an idea of my side: can I de-couple somehow the ftp-upload from the rules execution so that I have two different processes? So the process starting the ftp-transfer doesn't have to wait for rules execution.  The rules execution shouldn't be triggered by the arriving of the files but by a different event. Is there a trick to do it?