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component generator in alfresco

Question asked by mahajanakhil on Mar 22, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2010 by soriaedu79
I am a new user of Alfresco and using it as my application's repository.

I have configured new attributes in alfresco.

The problem is that I want to add component generators for these attributes. The attributes have types 'date' and 'numeric' in my application.

<show-property name="qps:issueNumber" display-label-id="issue_number" show-in-edit-mode="true" ignore-if-missing="false" />
<show-property name="qps:issueDate" display-label-id="issue_date" show-in-edit-mode="true" />

The above are tags for which I want to add component generators. For example, I got to know from my colleague that the component generator for drop down attribute would be written like this in web-client-assign-asset.xml:

<show-property name="qps:issueMonth" display-label-id="issue_month" show-in-edit-mode="true"
            component-generator="SimpleDomainValueWithBlankSelectorGenerator" />

Please let me know if I haven't furnished any necessary details.