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Automatic assign a custom content type

Question asked by themarcuz on Mar 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2010 by croc
Hi all,
I've created a custom model for alfresco, then I create e set of spaces where I create a rule for each space to specialize all the content in a particular way.
Let say that space1 will specialize all the new content in customType1.
Everything works fine… but I don't like the default way Alfresco handles the specialization. The custom property associated to type1 appears only after the creation wizard. That means that the user should add the new content, give it a title a description, etc, save it… and then go to the details page, edit the details and then add the costum property's values associated with the new type.
I'd like the custom property to be editable right before the saving of the content, durign the wizard… as it happens if the user chooses the custom content type from the "type" combobox selection right after the upload of the new content.
Is the scenario clear?
I'd simply like Alfresco to apply the custom content type during the wizard and not after.

I thought I could configure the UI to populate the "type" combobox with my custom type (deleting the standard content type)… something like: "when you are in a certain custom space type, show just this custom content type". Is that possibile just configuring Alfresco or it needs some kind of customization?
thanks for help