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Anomaly with advanced search and italian language pack

Question asked by _valerio_ on Mar 22, 2010
hi everybody
I'm using Alfresco 3.2.r2 since two months;few days ago I added to the advanced search some supplementary fields to manage the retrieval of documents on the basis of custom aspects I added to documents; Till today morning it worked god;

Today I installed the italian language pack (it_language_pack_2.1.0_v1.0) and I'modified the web-client-config-custom; But now, when I perform the advanced search on the basis of custom aspects, if the language at log-in is set to english,then the result of the query is null (it don't retrieve documents), while if the language at log-in is set to italian, the search gives me back the documents I was looking for.

Is there an answer to this behaviour? I made some mistakes?
thanks to whom will answer to this post