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Question asked by drozes on Apr 4, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by jpotts
Hi guys;

Over the past month I've been slowly picking up Alfresco - evaluating weather it is an option my company can benefit from.  I'm not on the QuickStart section.

I've successfully deploy the wcmqs sample with no issues.  I've been able to add new content, configure the navigation and update CSS.


What I need to do is mimic the way QuickStart deploys, how it deploy it's own virtual site.  I would need to be able to have the same workflows as quickstart - in regards to how the navigation and files are produced.  I need the share/alfresco tier utilities of QuickStart - but need to customize the presentation tier.

What I need to able to do is have my own custom template files and folder structure.  From the quick start dashlet you can pick a package to import - I am guessing I would need to make my own package with my own templates/js/css/webscripts in them?

Also - Is using quickstart a better choice for this over making my own presets and having it built into the 'create site' feature.

Any direction, instructions(on how to make my own package) or links is greatly appreciated.