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'View Process Diagram' not displaying anything

Question asked by zhixiong86 on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2012 by zhixiong86
I'm using Alfresco Community v4.0d on a Windows 2008 RC2 Datacenter.

After clicking the 'View Process Diagram' in an workflow, it greys out the screen and shows a loading icon, and then nothing happens. There is nothing logged in the stdout/stderr as well.

Does any of you encounter the same issue or its working fine on your installations, would appreciate if anyone can verify if its working or not on your own installation.

Steps to reproduce issue:
1) Create a workflow using any of the default workflows(Adhoc workflows,Parallel Review And Approve etc)
2) Go to "More"(beside Repository) on the top panel
3) Go to "Workflows I've Started"
4) Click on the workflow created
5) Click on "View Process Diagram" to see the issue.