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Using MSWord SPP,and using AWE create different file URLS

Question asked by brucemoser on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2012 by afaust
I have a fairly vanilla install of Web Quick Start. I created a folder called main-content. Then I created a file in said folder called file1.html. Back at the root index.html, I added file1.html as a static asset for the index.html page. If I open the file1.html in MSWord and add an image everything looks and goes well, until I open root index.html in a browser. The image is broken. Upon inspection the path is incorrect and is only relative to the folder it was created in, which it obviously not running in due to the static asset utilization. If I then open the same file in AWE and edit it, then do nothing but save, the image paths get updated to a relative path from the root which now when viewing index.html the images are no longer broken.

I have two issues with this.

One is that I assumed that there would be a setting somewhere to define the default path in a spp setting, but for the love and three days of internet searching, I cannot find one.

Two is that regardless of whether or not there is a setting (please let there be a setting) the spp interface and the awe should produce the same url path technique regardless if it is the right one or the wrong one (we all would prefer the correct one).

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Has anyone else found a solution other than opening every edit in awe and saving it?