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custom property preview instead of cm:content

Question asked by ranj on Apr 6, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2012 by sradha
I have created a custom model with custom types and properties. In the share config i have removed all the cm properties and given show id for my own custom properties.(ex: headlines,briefnews)
Now, i create a new plain text content
the create content form opens up
it has name,title,description,content (the default content type properties)
after filling up the form..(ex: i have entered "welcome note" in the name and "welcome all to alfresco" in the content)
the content gets created
the preview shows the content "welcome all to alfresco")
by the side of the preview, i see the so many options, click change type.
choose my custom type.
the type is changed successfully.
i click on inline edit, see the form containing my custom properties :headlines and briefnews.
I type in the custom fields..
and save.
it goes back to the preview, but its still showing the "welcome all to alfresco" (the cm property) , not any of my custom properties(headlines,briefnews)…

why is that not possible? or do i need to modify any config file?

Thanks in advance,