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Users can't connect to User Homes folder with webdav

Question asked by tross on Apr 6, 2012
I have been scouring the forums and web to try to figure out this issue, without success so far.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My setup:  Alfresco 4.0b Community on Red Hat Linux, modified to use CAS authentication (This is at a university and authenticating against our campus CAS servers)

The Problem:

First, to preface the problem, we have successfully set up webdav folders to the document repository folders within Alfresco "sites" that users have created, but we are trying to set up webdav folders pointing to a different directory and that's when the problem started.

We are trying to set up a webdav folder to point to a user's home directory (  And before anyone suggests it, I tried the url with and without the %20 and received the same error both ways.  I also tried to connect to, which worked for my Admin user eventually (see below).

So, at first this didn't work for any users.  I found a forum post that said to comment out the following line from the file:


After commenting this out and restarting the app, I could now create a webdav folder to the home folder for my Admin account user, but not regular users.  I saw numerous bugs filed on Alfresco's bug reporting site about having to allow the "consumer/read" permission for the Everyone user on the parent folder in order to connect with webdav to the User Homes folders.  I tried setting this permission on the parent folders all the way up the folder tree, with and without the "Inherit permissions" checkbox checked, but no permission change made any difference.   I even tried giving my test user the Coordinator permission on all the folders in the tree.  Still no go.  So, this is where I am currently stuck.

The error in the log when I attempt to create a webdav folder to the User Homes directory or just to the /alfresco/webdav/ directory is:

"OPTIONS /alfresco/webdav HTTP/1.1" 401 -

So, it is a permission denied error, but why?  Where is the permission check failing?  Has anyone with 4.0b got this scenario working?

Just one final bit of info, the test user can get to the home folder going through a web browser with no problem.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.