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copy pdf content

Question asked by francix on Mar 24, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2010 by francix
Hello, I'm newbie in Alfresco and I'm trying to code a simple script to make a content versioned into an alternate space.

I use the code of the examples

And it works fine, but with pdf files mi versioned nodes are blank pages. I think I'm doing something wrong in the copy content process, but I don't know what could it be.

I'm using Alfresco community 3.2 and this is my script:

if (document.isDocument){

   var targetNode = space.childByNamePath("targetNode");
   if (targetNode == null && space.hasPermission("CreateChildren")){
      targetNode = space.createFolder("targetNode");
   if (targetNode != null && targetNode.hasPermission("CreateChildren")){
      var docObsoleto = targetNode.childByNamePath(;

      if (docObsoleto == null){
         docObsoleto = document.copy(targetNode);
      if (docObsoleto != null){
         if (docObsoleto.isVersioned)         {
            var workingCopy = docObsoleto.checkout();
            workingCopy.content = document.content;
            docObsoleto = workingCopy.checkin('Old version');

Thaks in advance