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Custom content types with properties added on-the-fly?

Question asked by monkeydl on Apr 9, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by monkeydl

We are very keen to use Alfresco to create a document management solution to our client here… but are having troubles finding definitive information on where to start.

So we proceed by starting with trying to add custom content type to Alfresco. But the problem here is very specific to this client, they want custom content's meta data to be added on-the-fly by client (without resetting Tomcat). There will be various custom contents type to be associated with various projects (spaces). This I mean: for different spaces, its documents will inherit from a specific custom content type, with specific list of meta data - these meta data to be added on the fly by the project admin (or admin of that project space).

I wonder if this is something we can do with Alfresco?

Can anyone provide us some advices?