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Repo Contoller CSS/JS Folders

Question asked by drozes on Apr 10, 2012
Hello All;

I have read through this whole forum section but I am still unsure how to accomplish a Repo controller Js/Css folder.

My basic goal is to have a CSS and JS folder in the root on my website. (Document/Alfresco Quick Start/Quick Start Edition/Root)
Any files inside these folder I want to be auto included into the header.

My Advance Goal.
-Have a js/css folder in each section folder that will be loaded into the header when that section loads.
-Have some type or property that will load the root js/css files based on some string ie: 'section=home'

How I think this might be possible.
Override the head.ftl webscript, adding a head.get.js file that looks into the root and grabs all the files in the js/css direction.  in the head.ftl loop through this array and do the propery include depending on if it is css or js.

One point of web management.
Workflow progression for js/css files.

I think building this into the WQS would really help it to be much web-management friendly.

Any suggestions are Greatly appreciated.