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LDAP Import of nested groups

Question asked by cnihill on Mar 25, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2011 by brazen

I am looking to import a master group to Alfresco using an LDAP query. The master group contains 4 groups, one of which contains 17 other groups.

At the moment, when I run this query to import the master group, the four groups get imported but the 17 sub groups of one of those groups do not.

The only way around it is by firstly importing the 17 sub groups groups using a query specific to their parent group.
Then editing the group query in and importing the master group on top of the 17 which automatically places the 17 sub groups into the relevant group.

Is it possible to use one group query to import a nested group structure like this?

The group query for the master group and the differential query is below.

I would be very grateful for any help here.

##Inserting the master group here
ldap.synchronization.groupQuery=(&(objectclass\=group)(memberOf\=CN=Alfresco Master Group,OU=User Groups,OU=ICTL,OU=Master Groups,DC=Domain,DC=ie))

##differential Group Query
ldap.synchronization.groupDifferentialQuery=(&(objectclass\=group)(memberOf\=CN=Alfresco Master Group,OU=User Groups,OU=ICTL,OU=Master Groups,DC=Domain,DC=ie))