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Tagging & Associatons - Advanced Search

Question asked by ddanninger on Mar 25, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by guilherme_souza

i wanted to add the tag aspect to the advanced search. So i added to the "web-client-config-custom.xml" the field:

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Advanced Search">
            <type name="cx:memDoc" />
            <type name="cx:letDoc" />
            <type name="cx:agmDoc" />
            <type name="cx:calDoc" />
            <type name="cx:presDoc" />
            <type name="cx:tempDoc" />
            <type name="cx:invDoc" />
            <type name="cx:ptclDoc" />
            <type name="cx:ovDoc" />
            <type name="cx:arDoc" />
            <type name="cx:mrDoc" />
            <type name="cx:sdDoc" />
            <type name="cx:polDoc" />
            <type name="cx:adDoc" />
            <type name="cx:othDoc" />      
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:doctype" display-label-id="doctype" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:ctxEntity" display-label-id="ctxEntity" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:mainAndSubCategory" display-label-id="mainAndSubCategory" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:projectName" />
            <meta-data type="cx:counterPartyDoc" property="cx:counterParty" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:author" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:language" />
            <meta-data type="cx:signatureDateDoc" property="cx:signatureDate" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:effectiveDate" />
            <meta-data type="cx:noticePeriodeDoc" property="cx:noticePeriode" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:expiry" display-label-id="expiry" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:expiryDate" display-label-id="expiryDate" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:isInactive" display-label-id="isInactive" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:reminder" display-label-id="reminder" />
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:reminderNotice" display-label-id="reminderNotice" />            
            <meta-data type="cx:doc" property="cx:reminderFollowUp" display-label-id="reminderFollowUp" />   

            <meta-data aspect="cm:taggable" property="cm:taggable" />   


It worked so far fine, but when i looked in the Advanced Search the Tag Field was not displayed by the Tag Component it was replaced by the Category Component


Did i do something wrong? Or is it a bug in Alfresco?

The other question is, is it possible to add an association the the advanced search? For example i have a Association for Responsible Persons on a document.

Part of the Custom Content Model:

<association name="cx:responsiblePerson">

When i looked in the Wiki:

There was no description for adding a Association to the advanced search.

Is it not possible yet (Will it be possible?) or did i do something wrong here too?

Best regards

(Alfresco Community 3.2r2)