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Question asked by prasannashroti on Mar 25, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2010 by prasannashroti

I am really new to CMIS and I am looking to integrate  Alfresco and Documentum using CMIS,using java based SOAP(wsdl2Java)  but I am unable to ascertain the following (any help appreciated and please excuse if anything sounds too amateurish):

1) I downloaded and installed alfresco community version 3.2r, can I work with CMIS from that and use that as my test repository and connect?
2) I cound not find the wsdl and other files that I can extract to Java files and make soap based calls in my application, where do I find and download these from?
3) Is there any tutorial/link that can help me get up to speed here? I found a useful one on ATOM but none on SOAP thus far?

Looking forward to your answers…