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Dictionary Model / Namespaces / Properties

Question asked by ddanninger on Mar 25, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2010 by ddanninger

i really wondered when i used the Dictionary Model.

Isnt it a problem for others too?

For example i have a custom Model with my own namespace and my own prefix. If i want to write a Application where i dont know the Avaible Namespaces of Custom Models / Prefixes of Custom Models. Its really hard ? Isnt it?

I can get the Node and the Properties and their Namespaces easily: "{}projectName" its not a big deal.
But if i want to know the Dictionary Type of this Property it will not work dynamically anymore.

There is no possibility for getting the Prefix of a Property where u dont know the Namespace.

If i would try to send the Property to the Dictionary Webservice by using "{}projectName" it will not work, i have to use the prefix dd:projectName instead.

But how can i do that without knowing the Custom Model Namespaces of a Property?
So it wouldnt be possible to write Dynamically Enterprise Applications. I think if u write big applications u need a function to get the Prefix of a Custom Content Model Namespace?

Isnt it possible to extend the "getProperties" function of the DictionaryService that you can enter:  "{}projectName" instead of "dd:project" ?

Does anybody already wrote a workaround for that?

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