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Customization of Alfresco Share

Question asked by pspotdar on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2012 by rdanner
Hi All,

Recently I have installed community edition of Alfresco v4.0.d on Linux environment.
I already have fully implemented phpBB3 and Wordpress blog along with numerous posts and topics populated (we are using this two products for nearly 3 years).

I want to use these software as it is and link with Alfresco Share instead of in-built forum and blogs. Also, Alfresco search functionality should index the content from these external application.

Although for blog, I already integrated Wordpress with Alfresco for private and external posting.

Braodly speaking the menu-bar and search capability presented in Alfresco Community home page is exactly my requirement.
I am going to use the Alfresco for document management hence rest of the default facility suffice my need.

Currently I am exploring to integrate the phpBB as mentioned in one of the old post.

Can anyone help me here to customise Alfresco Share to substitute forum and blog with my external one and suggest how to configue Alfresco search to handle these external application (sites)

Thanks in advance