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External Invite Emails not being sent

Question asked by ds0101 on Mar 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2010 by karl578
Hello all,

I am using Alfresco-Community version 3.2.0 (r @build-number@) installed on Ubuntu 9.10 server via the apt-get install.  I need to mention I am new to Alfresco and Java programming and have been reading the Alfresco / Sun forums and Wiki's for the last free days.

Alfresco is working great, with one exception.  I am trying to invite users with externally hosted emails, to join the Alfresco system.  When I send the invites in Alfresco I get no errors, however, know one ever receives the email.  After reading through the Wiki, it seemed to me that I needed to configure the system with our local SMTP server to send email (I am still not sure if this is correct or not?).  

I read the wiki pages about how to modify system settings in alfresco for the SMTP server settings, but I knew nothing about modifying Java files.  I spent 12 hrs yesterday installing JDK and trying to make JConsole connect to alfresco and  could never get JConsole to connect to alfresco, despite trying suggestions from multiple web pages and wiki's  I am using the correct username and password and have verified port 50500 is open to the network.  So needless to say I am stuck.

Here are a few questions:

Does Alfresco need an external SMTP server to send email invites?
Is the only way to configure SMTP settings (or any Alfresco settings) with a connector like JConsole?

I am new and willing to learn, just looking for direction, ideas or suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Dave Smith