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Traversing associations in share

Question asked by zulu on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by zulu
A few questions about custom content models, share and traversing associations.

I've created a custom content model where the new types can have peer associations to other of the new types.  I've added the association.ftl control in the share form config, and that lets me successfully select other documents and create associations.  However, I'd expect that these would be links such that when I see them I can click on one and be taken to the associated document.  But they're just text.  How do I let users easily traverse associated documents, hopefully just through configuration of share and not programatically?

A related question.  My new types are hierarchical, such that I have a generic document at the top, a second level which the generic one as parent, and a third type which has the second as parent.  When I modify my share config for the parent to add the new association field, it only shows on documents of that top level type, and not the child types.  I was expecting adding it to the top-level type would also add it to the children.  Do i have to explicitly add that control for all my children types or is there a way to add and update it one place?

Sorry if these are answered elsewhere.  I did a forum search but didn't find what I needed.