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Security violation. Unable to redirect to external location

Question asked by sws on Apr 13, 2012

I have beeen trying to install alfresco on an existing tomcat together with liferay. I first installed liferay and afterwards alfresco.
Liferay works so far as expected. Alfresco Explorer works almost as expected. There are some minor warnings. Alfresco Share does not really work (maybe subject to further posts :-) ). Anyway …

I want to redirect requests from tomcat to apache via ajp which did work for liferay alone. I tried with ajp 1.3 and mod_jk which both worked. After installing alfresco to the same tomcat instance redirect fails. The moment I log into alfresco explorer this appears in the catalina.out log:
 WARN  [web.bean.LoginBean] [ajp-apr-8009-exec-5] Security violation. Unable to redirect to external location:
As a result I can open both liferay and alfresco from the internal net but not from outside aka internet. I haven't found anything about this warning so far.

So what is the reason for this warning, why can't I reach the server from the internet and how can I fix this.

Any help gratefully appreciated.