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Searching documents using CMIS query in a Folder hierarchy

Question asked by arpit.gupta on Apr 16, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by arpit.gupta
Hello Friends,

Right now i am searching my documents with CMIS query and a custom webscript.
My web script looks like…

var cmisConnection = cmis.getConnection();
var cmisSession    = cmisConnection.getSession();
var results = cmisSession.query(query, false);

this script search the documents in all the folders, but i want to search in particular folder and it's sub folders.
I can search document in particular folder by adding parent check in the CMIS query but i can not search in it's sub folders as a document only
contains parent information not the root folder information.

Is there any way to search documents in a folder hierarchy??