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Custom content model issue

Question asked by acarpine on Apr 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2012 by acarpine
I deployed the same content model on different Alfresco instances (4CE and 4EE) and I have inconsistent results using the queries that try to retrieves documents with that type.
It seems documents of that type are completely invisible to CMIS although using the CMIS workbench the new type is visible, and I correctly inserted these documents with CMIS.
For example in my case I'm able to search documents in Alfresco 4CE, but the same query in Alfresco 4EE returns 0 results.

Alfresco.log doesn't report anything interesting, and also executing the query inside the CMIS workbench doesn't give any info.
Trying to count totals number of documents of my custom content model with the GroovyConsole of the CMIS Workbench still give 0 results and no useful info.

Any idea? Where I could start to investigate that problem?