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Performance issue in listing content from repository

Question asked by faizaan on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by faizaan

We are facing serious performance issue in listing content from repository to an alfresco share page.

We have around 1 lakh content spread across folders created according to following pattern :

             -Site Name
                                 - Month
                                          -Day 1
                                          -Day n

Number of contents inside each day folder may range from 3k to 8k.

We have created repository tire javascript api based webscript in which we fire recursive query (//*) on root folder with limit of 25 to fetch records.

But it is taking around 80 to 100 seconds for fetching and displaying just 25 records .

    -We have modified below properties in
              - system.acl.maxPermissionCheckTimeMillis=200000

   -Environment Details
            -Alfresco 3.4.3

Please suggest ways to overcome this performance issue  :|