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Need help with Versioning

Question asked by rameshbelli on Mar 30, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by rameshbelli
Hello All,

I have this issue with Versioning and I don't know what I'm missing or doing wrong.

I created a Document and browsed the Repository for AllVersions and the Version label is like below.

Name         Version Label                cmis:ObjectId

Document1   current                       workspace://SpacesStore/b7f6fdfc-79c5-4 … aab7d329a5
Document1   1.0                             workspace://SpacesStore/b7f6fdfc-79c5-4 … d329a5;1.0

At this point the contents in both the Versions are same.

Then I used the checkOut method in VersioningService and replaced the content and checkIn the changed
content and the Version changed as expected and it looked like this.

Document1     current                       workspace://SpacesStore/b7f6fdfc-79c5-4 … aab7d329a5
Document1     1.0                             workspace://SpacesStore/b7f6fdfc-79c5-4 … d329a5;1.0
Document1     1.1                             workspace://SpacesStore/b7f6fdfc-79c5-4 … d329a5;1.1

Now the contents in Version 1.1 and the current are same.

I came across in one of CMIS Document " When a Latest Version of a Version Series is deleted, a previous version
becomes Latest version".

But when I used the deleteObject method to delete the version 1.1 and the content in the current Version , I thought
should be set to the 1.0 version , but it contains the 1.1 version content.

Secondly, when I want to get the contents of the Version1.1 Document using read method in ContentService, I passed in
workspace://SpacesStore/b7f6fdfc-79c5-4 … d329a5;1.1 as the objectId and I get " Object Not Found" error.

I'll appreciate any help ,