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Alfresco Transformer PDF/OCR-PDF

Question asked by acurs on Apr 17, 2012
I am having a problema with a transformer when calling a ubuntu script. The scripts works excellent in console, but when gets executes in Alfresco fails, no erros in the log, nothing. Inside the script, there is a statement that use "convert" but Alfresco instead of using /usr/bin/convert, use /opt/alfresco-3.4.d/common/bin/convert. Instead having a tif from pdf, I get a file .tif that is a pdf 1.3, so tesseract isn't able to recognize. How could I tell alfresco (maybe from the script) to execute the /usr/bin/convert… I tried to explicit call it with the full path, rename it to conv and call it, copy the /usr/bin/convert to catalina bin directory or alfresco/common/bin, etc but couldn't make it work.

I appreciate if someone could guide me a little bit…