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Load+Concurrency Testing Utility

Question asked by hubick on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2012 by hubick

I have created a small CMIS based utility for performing load and concurrency testing.

You can find the code at:

This test creates a number of simultaneous CMIS clients, where each creates a document, repeatedly increments a number in the title+content while (optionally) rotating through the nodes in the server cluster for each increment (also verifying the previous update), deletes that document, and does it again with a new document.  The number of cluster nodes, clients, documents, and increments are all configurable.

If you navigate to the project page, you can click on 'tags' to grab a zip file of the latest release, which should build using Maven (see included README.txt for details).

I would be very curious to see the kinds of numbers other people are getting on various hardware+database configurations.