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Way to access node content by secondary path (not primary)

Question asked by dsnkostic on Apr 18, 2012
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Is there any way to access content of Alfresco node based on secondary path, not primary?
Here is my situation:
I have a folder images where I place my images which are classified under certain sub-folder like:
Now i have another folder where I create child-associations to pictures from images folder, like:
/home/order/media/opel.jpg                 points to:/images/cars/open.jpg
/home/order/media/twocycle.jpg            points to:/images/bicycles/twocycle.jpg
/home/order/media/stop.jpg                  points to:/images/signs/stop.jpg

By using this technique I can update original image any time and all associated images will be updated automatically.
Now I am creating some HTML report and I require to display images in that document. I know that I can use NodeRef to get content of images, but, due to specifications, I can't send list of Images NodeRef.
I require something like this:
where I will simply replace $path with /home/order/media
However I can't find web service that allows fetching of content using secondary path.
For Example: Primary path for opel.jpg is /images/cars/opel.jpg and secondary path is /home/order/media/opel.jpg
There is a CMIS web service 'service/cmis/p/{path}/content' that can get content by primary path only (/images/cars/opel.jpg).
Is there a way to get content by using secondary path that is assigned by adding child association to image (/home/order/media/opel.jpg)?

Thanks in advance!