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Best IDE for webscripts dev

Question asked by scouil on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by abarisone
Hello everyone,

I've quite a huge application based on multiple homemade webscripts running on top of Alfresco.
Till now I've developed everything with notepad++ but I'd like to switch to a real IDE.

Here is my problem:
I've got some rather complex Object-Oriented javascript (with inheritance, singletons, etc.) both client-side and server-side.
The best IDE I've found for my javascript autocompletion (I've tried aptana, Komodo and Eclipse) is eclipse.
However I sometimes have some freemarker code embedded into my javascript files.
I've downloaded the freemarker IDE plugin from jboss tools and it works fine for the .x.ftl files.
However for my js files I have to choose between either freemarker editor or javascript editor and didn't manage to merge the benefits of those two.
Hence I have to either give up on javascript coloring/autocompletion or I keep the js editor but have error triggered by freemarker syntax.

Is there any IDE or plugin combination that would allow me to have a decent js autocompletion (cross-file/object-aware/…) without triggering an error due to freemarker tags?