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Error with blog posts

Question asked by mproject on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by mproject
Hi, I have a problem with the alfresco share blogs. I had some troubles with the workstation hosting alfresco, so I had to stop and restart alfresco several time and I canceled the solr index to force rebuilding them. Now it works but when I try to search the posts of the blogs in the archive (e. g. selecting the posts of february 2012) it gives an error. Clicking on the tags gives no posts found even if I know there are posts with the tag chosen. Instaed, if I visualize all the posts, the posts are there and no error show up. This happen for all the blogs, for all the sites. It happen also if I create a new blog. What happened? I checked the alfresco.log for errors but it seems all ok.

I am using alfresco community 4.0.c under Linux SuSE 11.4