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Incorrect Date Format for Spanish Language

Question asked by madcaddie on Mar 31, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by madcaddie
Hi everyone!!!

In Alfresco Explorer (Alfresco-Labs-3Stable) the date fields of the content (in the properties sheet), appears correctly in English (for example: “29 March 2010”), but when I enter in Alfresco Explorer using other language (I’ve try Spanish by now), the dates are displayed with a strange format (as: “29 03 AM”), and I need that it appears with the same format used in English (or at least to display the year).

I think that maybe is related with the files of the language pack, but I haven’t been able to detect anything wrong with these files. In both cases, English and Spanish, when I acces to the edit properties page (from the properties sheet) the date displayed in the combos is correct.

Any idea about what is happening???