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Marketplace for Alfresco solutions and extensions is online

Question asked by lotharmärkle on Apr 18, 2012
We (ecm4u GmbH) have opened an online marketplace at for Alfresco solutions, extension and services. The marketplace enables companies for the first time to:
  • compare solutions of various vendors and their prices

  • get immediate access to extensions

  • purchase extensions with the possibility to return them (buyer-protection)

  • combine extensions from different vendors

  • run extensions safely (support is always included)
Are you looking for Alfresco solutions?

Are you looking for services for Alfresco?

Do you want to offer your Alfresco solution on ecm Market?

General information on our marketplace:

Need more information or not found what you were looking for? Please contact us:

Lothar Märkle, with the ecm Market team