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Linkky Semantic autotagging released

Question asked by jonlinkky on Mar 31, 2010
We've been tagging blogs and other web content for a while at, but have recently opened up our API for public use.

The first implementation of this is for Alfresco, and the amp file can be found at (the main page is at

The aim is, like all tagging tools, to try to make sense of documents that are submitted.  We do this by not only pulling out relevant phrases, but also try to "theme" or categorize documents based on content.

The readme file has details for installation, together with more general API details.  Anyone interested in a ready-rolled implementation for a non-Alfresco site can find a widget at

All feedback is welcome.  We don't quite have the capabilities of Thomson Reuters behind us, but we've been working hard over several years to create a usable tagging tool, and we hope that it will prove useful for the Alfresco community as well.  There's no need for a licence key for low volume use, and we're happy to provide free keys for non-commercial use. Just e-mail (which is the right place for feedback as well).  There's all sorts of things you can do with the API (some examples at, and one of our brave users