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NAS and CIFS protocol

Question asked by kamielvdz on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by kamielvdz
I seem to be experiencing issues with my set up of a NAS for the file repository (alfdata) of Alfresco.
I connected a NAS using autofs on a linux server and used the CIFS protocol to mount the disk. This works, but sometimes Alfresco cannot detect file uploads so Rules do not get triggered.
I am pretty sure it is not an Alfresco problem, but rather a problem of the NAS or it's implementation of the CIFS protocol, but I am sure if I ask the problem to my NAS vendor he'll blame Alfresco.

Has anyone had any similar experiences or gotten a similar set up to work flawlessly? Should I rather be using NFS to connect to a NAS?

Any pointers are appreciated