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Sending document from one Alfresco system to another

Question asked by senleft on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by senleft
I need to send document and all its metadata from one Alfresco system to another.
The perfect variant is:
- In the Alfesco 1 system, user select custom document action (or starting custom workflow) - 'Sending document';
- select adresse from the user list (these users belong to group of 'foreign users');
- click to 'Send' button - the document sends to adresse and this action logged to document metadata;
- document may be send via:
1) SMTP as email with two attachments - document and XML with predefined document metadata, email will be contain link to target Alfresco 2 system inbox package handler
2) other transport protocols as a ZIP with the same files (document file and XML document metadata file).
- the Alfresco 2 system has a listener that could handle such packages - it receive packages and place theirs to inbox folder and set received document metadata based on predefined XML format.

May be the simplest possible solution is using custom Send As Email action (described in ECM Stuff: Adding Document Library Actions in Alfresco 4.0 and uploading file via email functionality (described in Key to Content: Upload Files to Alfresco via Email – Inbound Emails

Could you help me with another variants (key words) for such solution?