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mlAware Web Scripts

Question asked by gertschi on Apr 1, 2010

I'm writing Java-backed Web Scripts which should be able to output MLText as JSON. At first it didn't work since the NodeService.getProperties() always returned Strings instead of MLText objects. Fortunately I've found the solution in a forum topic:

When I put this line of code into my Web Scripts I'm able to work this MLText objects. However, there are still a few things that are bothering me:
  • Do I need to put this line of code into every Web Script (e.g. by using a common base class) or is there a convenient way to configure this behavior for all my Web Scripts?

  • It looks like changing this property affects not only the Web Script but Alfresco itself. I guess that could have unforeseen side-effects. Is there a way to confine the desired mlAware-behavior to my Web Scripts?
I'd really appreciate your help on this.