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Slow and inconsistent behaviour

Question asked by itsupport365 on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2012 by hasi_webmail
Hi All,

I've just done my first install of Alfresco on Windows server 2008 and am having some issues. Of course our CEO wants this up and running on Monday so any help you can provide would be appreciated. As I said the Server is running on Windows 2008 under Hyper-V. I've allocated 8GB of RAM, and 2 virtual cores to the server. When I installed using the "easy" install option with postgreSQL. I've had the site up and running now with some very inconsistent results and at this point I have no idea where to start troubleshooting.

First off no matter how many resources I allocate to the machine it always seems incredibly slow. It takes ages to log in and navigate from page to page. Keep in mind at this point I only have a few users, and a few test documents in the system. Secondly I seem to encounter errors randomly, even on pages which worked fine previously. For instance some times the "tasks" pane will display "error loading items" while other times it will work fine. Some times a user is able to see all their sites, other times nothing will appear in the sites drop down at all. There are several issues like this which thus far have made the application completely un-usable.

Can anyone provide me with some advice on where to start troubleshooting? Right now I don't even know where to find the alfresco error logs (other than tomcat logs), or what could possibly be causing the machine to perform so inconsistently.